Rare Off-Market Deals

We are very active sourcing on- and off-market deals. Based on our established network and relationships, we feel strongly that our pipeline will offer the Fund and investors unique deal selection on assets not available to the mass market.

Exceptional Team Expertise

The principals of the Fund have a proven track record of sourcing and developing unique opportunities, have a fully appointed support team, decades of experience, and an inhouse builder and development team which will streamline the construction process, reducing costs, and reinforcing high quality standards.

Proven Development Strategy

Taking projects from raw land to entitlements and seeing them through the building process is part of our core expertise. Carefully selecting prime locations, conducting thorough market research, and designing communities that align to local rental market demands by creating attractive amenities, sustainable features, and fostering a sense of community.

Investments in High Growth Assets

Primarily investing in build-to-rent communities. The build-to-rent market is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry right now due to the under supply of single-family rental homes available and rising mortgage rates.

Our Team

Andy Nametz

Co-Founder & Principal

Andrew Nametz is a principal and co founder of Sasquatch Development Group. Mr. Nametz has extensive experience in the real estate and development industry, where he has 20 years in mortgage banking and business development and over 10 years in real estate development. Over the last 10 years, Mr. Nametz has actively sourced deals and equity for single family housing, build to rent communities, and commercial pads. As a principal, Mr. Nametz sourced, structured, and financed projects and participated in planning, zoning, entitlements, approvals, design and all aspects of the development process. Mr. Nametz has over 15 years experience in private equity, primarily sourcing and placing venture capital for start ups and growth companies. Such activities have included early- to mid-stage fundraising, underwriting, and due diligence.

Alex Smith

Co-Founder & Principal

Alex Smith is a principal and co founder of Sasquatch Development Group. With more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Mr. Smith has gained significant experience in project management of both residential and commercial developments. Prior to building his business in Arizona, Mr. Smith managed large-scale development projects totaling over $40.0 million across the Northwest. His keen knowledge of construction and real estate gives Mr. Smith a unique perspective on managing the overall acquisition, construction, and disposition of assets. Recently, Mr. Smith has focused on real estate investment and acquisition. Since 2019, Mr. Smith has assisted a local builder with identifying, underwriting, and managing acquisitions with successful dispositions. Mr. Smith’s real estate business, SMITH RE, has been recognized as a Top 100 Producer in the state in 2021.

Dan Harach

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Harach is the Chief Financial Officer of Sasquatch Development Group. Mr. Harach has spent the last 15 years of his career working in real estate and commercial banking. Mr. Harach’s experience in banking includes holding executive credit risk management positions for a top 20 U.S. banking institution. Mr. Harach has played an active role in managing the bank’s credit portfolio by actively managing portfolio credit risk, improving returns on those risks, and identifying and managing concentrations or risk. Mr. Harach’s experience in real estate has included the acquisition, planning, entitlement, repositioning, management, and disposition of office, retail, single family, and multifamily assets. As a principal, Mr. Harach has worked to create value in real estate through actively managing, developing, or repositioning assets. This has included raising discretionary real estate funds, acquiring and repositioning assets on behalf of investors, and several private placement investments. Dan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Regina, Canada, a Master of Business Administration degree from Auburn University, and holds the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation.

Laura Richardson

Executive Assistant

Laura Richardson is the Executive Assistant for Sasquatch Development Group. Mrs. Richardson’s has experience supporting a Private Equity Manager for a Family office and the Managing Partners at two of the largest CPA firms in the country with the day to day administrative and accounting responsibilities. During her career she has successfully managed deadlines, provided accurate accounting, unparalleled client service and communication. This experience allowed her to transition her skills into real estate and join the Smith RE team in early 2022.